Green Together

Let's be Green Together 

We are concious of the environmental impact we all have on our planet. When we built our house in 2007, we decided to avail of a number of technologies rarely used in the area: timber frame structure, high rated double glazing windows, geothermal heat pump, underfloor heating. By doing this, we became able to run our business with minimal use of energy, as well as adhering to the following practices: 

-separation of general waste and recycling when possible

-composting of vegetable and fruit peels and garden clippings

-use of CFL light bulbs throughout our home

-geothermal heat and hot water productions

-solar tubes collection for hot water production

-underfloor heating

-individual heat control in each room

-use of eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products

-"help us help the environment" towel policy

-half toilet flush / eco shower heads

-EPA certified water treatment system

-green energy supplier (Airtricity /

-air-dried laundry

-refill toiletry products

-vegetable and herbs garden

-preference given to local suppliers and producers

  As a visitor here, you can also play a part in helping us be Green Together. Here are some tips on how you can help:

Conserve energy : we can all conserve energy by switching off lights and TV when leaving the bedroom, and closing windows when heating is on.

Walk, cycle or use public transport : when possible, leave your car and walk, cycle or use public transport.

Shop local : where possible, use local produce, producers and suppliers. We are fortunate enough to be able to get local produce to pass onto our guests. A local farmers market takes place every Sunday in Roundstone.

Reduce, reuse, recycle : when shopping, try to avoid overly packaged goods. Always re-use bags for your next shop. Take all bottles, cans etc. to recycling banks. Find out of local recycling centres which will take metal, old clothes and electrical goods.
Do not print unnecessarily at home. Only use recycled paper if you must.
Water wise : please use water wisely. Turn off water while brushing teeth. Take showers instead of baths. Try to wash with full loads in washing machine and dishwasher.

Respect nature : while walking, hiking or cycling, do not litter nature. Take your litter home with you. Do not light fres and keep to footpaths and designated cycle and walk-ways.  

In adhering to all our practices we have set, we, in turn, are helping the environment. We set a good example to our children and hope it rubs off on you too. We welcome questions and queries you have about our green initiatives or what can help us improve our practices.  

Thank you. 

Charging point for Electric Cars

If you have an electric car, or a plug-in hybrid car, you can charge for free while staying with us. But even better, we will give 10% discount for wanting a greener planet!

To find all the charging points in Ireland, go to:

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